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Welcome To Babs!

Founded September, 1993 Babs Big and Beautiful, “says it all” is an exclusive plus size community designed to help you find new friends, meet eligible singles and build relationships in an atmosphere of acceptance. Whether you live next door or around the globe we have something for you.
 Our very first BBW party was held at a night club with outdoor pool. Soon as the club opened for business there was a long line of curvy women in swim wear along with plenty of gentlemen admirers who were all eager to get inside for this first plus size event. Babs was a success from the start! Since then we have sponsored many events including Atlanta, Universal Studios Florida, Washington, D.C. Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, The Poconos, New York City, Phoenix, Arizona,  Jamaica, Bahamas and Bermuda.  We also booked out an entire water park for a giant pool party.  Last year we sponsored a Superbowl cruise to the Bahamas and the turnout was amazing. What a fun trip! We also sponsor a bowling league, book club, walking club and host a few social media pages all around the plus size community. We have hosted so many parties, trips and events over the last 28 years that I am getting brain freeze trying to recall every location.  Join the adventure and have the time of your life!


Thanks for supporting our effort to continually sponsor positive plus size events.


Babs! Where the Big Girls Come Out To Play………


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