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Babs was formed 30 years ago when our founder Tyrone Stallings noticed that there were only three BBW organizations in the entire country and none catered to the Black community. We would go to Big Connections in Connecticut, Large Encounters in Queens and Goddess in Manhattan to see few people of color. He decided to make life happen for the black community and someway somehow Babs Big & Beautiful was formed, and we are still standing strong after 30 continuous years. There have been many love connections and even marriages over the years. People come to Babs and make lifetime friends. They come for the camaraderie and a feeling of belonging somewhere where people know your name.
We didn’t think that very first party which was a pool party at the Paradise Lounge on Frelinghuysen Ave. in Newark, NJ would sell out, but big girls and admirers showed up in force. Think about it 30 years ago big girls in bathing suits were taboo and unheard of. How dare we show all that fat in public, but we did.

Babs was the first for a lot of things in the plus- size community and we have always reached back to pull others up along the way.

I’m going to end this post because there is much to say about this journey, but if Babs inspired you to build your business, start your own plus size organization, or if you met your husband, wife, partner, or lifelong friends at Babs tell us about it and please name drop. Also let us know what year you came to Babs and your favorite event. Now if you are new to Babs tell us what you expect on this exciting journey into size acceptance!
We want the world to hear from you. Babsbbwinfo@gmail.com
Enjoy the ride!